Our Staff

Front Desk:


"My job provides me with a friendly combination of relationships, science and education.  I have the privilege of helping people over the phone and chairside. My co-workers are my friends.  We're there for each other both professionally and personally."


"It's rewarding to work with a team of women and two doc's who after 21 years I now consider family. The longevity of the employees speaks very highly of the practice. Patients often comment on the fact that everyone is a "fixture" at 254. Patients appreciate seeing the same faces and find comfort in that aspect of the practice. My job allows me to use my "OCD" organizational skills, and I have been known to be called "right angle rob"."


"The environment is great!  The staff and patients enjoy each other's company and many friendships go back decades or longer.


“After having the pleasure of observing at Dr. Corey’s office when I was in college, I told myself, “Someday I am going to work in that office.” That was 1978. I joined the office in 1982; and today the office holds the same appeal for me- I enjoy working with the well-trained professional staff who provide high quality dental care in a warm, engaging environment that both patients and referring dentists trust.”


"After almost 40 years I still love my job... I'm proud to say, I work for the best!!"


Clinical Assistants:


"I've been a dental assistant for 33 years, 26 of them in this practice. The most rewarding part of my job is the relationships we build with the patients we see. I'm blessed with talented co-workers that I consider to be family."


"I enjoy using my communication and organizational skills to help make complicated treatment plans easy for our patients.  I also take pride and pleasure in facilitating higher education for the community of doctors and hygienists that we work with."


"I truly enjoy coming to work here at Corey and Then. This is not only a great office because of the consistent treatment outcomes but because of the wonderful people working here."


"It's rewarding to know how much I look forward to coming into work each day. Not only do I get to work with a wide range of personalities, but also with a motivational staff"




"With more than 35 years at Corey+Then, I love coming to work to be around people who are like family to me. We provide the utmost professional care to our patients, while making them feel at ease and having a little fun along the way."


"I enjoy listening and working with my patients to help them accomplish and maintain their dental goals. I appreciate working with caring bosses who provide staff with continuing education and up-to-date technology."


"I like that the Drs. respect my opinion regarding patient's treatment.  I like educating patients about the link between periodontal infection and systemic disease."


"What I like most about my job are the people I work with and the evolving relationships with patients over the years. The friends I work with, whom I consider more like an extended family, have always been very supportive both personally and professionally."


"After 23 years, a day at work feels like a visit with family and friends."


"I am fortunate to be able to say that I have worked in an upbeat, friendly, caring environment for 33 years where my co-workers and patients are like an extended family!
Periodontal offices can be intimidating, but everyone works very hard to make the patient's experience a positive one."


"As a dental professional for nearly 33 years now; I must say, I feel I have found the perfect job. It is a pleasure to work with the gang at 245 Western Ave, not only are they professionals, they are also perfectionists, who really care for the well being of the patients."

"We pride ourselves in maintaining scheduled appointments on time as well as educating and providing exceptional state of the art, compassionate care."


"I have worked for Dr. Corey now for 23 years and Dr. Then for 15 years.  One of the things I enjoy most about my job is seeing patients who travel considerable distances to be treated in our office."


"254 is a happy, friendly, and positive workplace yielding satisfied patients and a staff that enjoys being there."